EV Chargepoints


PowerPark can be installed with ChargePoint to offer fully integrated EV charging stations; delivering 100% green power for each kWh used for charging. EV Chargepoint installers integrate well with solar carpark shades.


ChargePoint is the world’s largest electric vehicle charging network. Their network provides safe, convenient and easy-to-use public and private electric vehicle charging stations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Installing a ChargePoint station provides an opportunity for commercial businesses to establish EV charging services as a new customer attraction and retention tool. The future of car parks will be charging stations as well.


Find your nearest electric vehicle charging station via real-time map software


Manage your electric vehicle charging needs via iPhone, iPad or Android Apps


Why install charging stations in a commercial car park?


The development and availability of electric vehicles (EVs) marks an important change in refuelling behaviour, with drivers needing access to safe, secure and convenient charging facilities in a variety of parking locations. The limited driving range of EVs on a single charge means it is important for drivers to top up their batteries whenever they park for any length of time.


This new transport challenge has created a number of commercial opportunities, including:

Technology leader

Electricity is the transportation fuel of the new millennia. Supporting this refuelling service distinguishes businesses from the competition.

Customer attraction

EV drivers will actively seek out parking stations which support EV charging.

Customer retention

Once EV drivers know they can get a reliable recharge from a specific location, they will continue to frequent the parking facility.

Revenue generation

EV charging can be provided as a premium service to customers, with an additional fee layer to offset electricity, capital equipment and maintenance costs. As EV charging can typically take several hours, drivers are more inclined to leave their vehicle parked to ensure they have sufficient battery range for their onwards journey.